Goodwin Machinery along with Cable & Wire Technical Services are pleased to announce the arrival of the new CWF13 rod breakdown machine!  This machine can be utilised in your existing line, or as a replacement for the old Winget-Syncro F13 machine, incorporating all the latest upgrades/modifications (including replacing the old hypoid bevel gears with case-hardened & ground helical gears).  Already in use throughout the world, it is proving itself as being the ideal machine that can be adapted to suit your requirements.


The New CWF13



For all non-ferrous wires
Maximum Wire Speed:    30.6 mps (6000 fpm)
Number of Dies:                   13
Elongation:                             26%
Area Reduction:                   20.65%
Wire Finishing Sizes:           1.35 to 4.2mm (0.050 to 0.165 inches)
Maximum Die Case


      Accommodated:            51mm dia. x 30 wide (2 inch dia. x 1.2 inches wide)
Maximum Motor HP:         300 DC or AC
Lubricant Required: -


                       Copper:             900 L/min (200 gpm) @ 1.4 bar (20 psi)


                Aluminium:             700 L/min (160 gpm) @ 3 bar (45 psi)
Floor Space Required


  for Motor & Machine:     455cm x 162cm (15ft x 8ft 6 inches)
Weight of Machine:            7080 Kg


  • Available left or right handed.

  • Pullblocks can be tungsten carbide or ceramic.

  • Low noise screw type oil pump fitted to machine, complete with washable steel filter,

    pressure switch and gauge.

  • Oil taken from base of machine allowing all oil to be filtered.

  • Double capstan with tapered rings for multi-wraps, preventing cross-overs.




  • Two inch pedals to set one speed for slow end of the machine and one for the fast end.

  • Air operated cover, counterbalanced to stay up or down in the event of air failure.

  • All gears are ground for quiet running (No hypoid or bevel gears).

  • Double sealing between oil and solution compartments.

  • Latest die holders keeping dies central to prevent wire damage and with solution fed to front and back of dies.

  • Large drain back for quick solution return, preventing overflow.

  • Broken wire switch and two emergency stops fitted.

  • Machine can be supplied with rod pay-in stand.