GM4339T - KUKAMA Cantilever Take Up

Model; Af16T

Used for winding at low speed, cables from 5mm up to 50mm diameter 

It can also be used for other type of cable should the gearing be adapted to faster speed

With built in electric cabinet and all controls mounted on machine

Insert Bobbin sizes; OD-1600mm   OAW; 1180mm

Load; 3500kg

Pintle lift; AC Motor 50hz

Tension; 220/380V

Power; 0.75kw

Motor Speed; 88 tr/min

Pintle shift; Handle     Pintle close;  Cam Lever

Main Drive; DC Motor   Tension; 170V   Current; 3,2A    Motor speed; 970tr/min  Reductor; i=160,0   Tacho; 60V

Traverse Drive; DC Motor   Power; 0,3kw    Motor speed; 2430 tr/min