GESADUR Underrollers

Goodwin Machinery are authorised to sell Sachsenroder products in the UK, and as such, would be pleased to provide you with a quotation for any new or replacement Gesadur Underrollers, Gesadur Underroller Cleaning Equipment and Gesaclean Cleaning Fluid (for use with underroller cleaning equipment).

We can provide you with either the underroller blank, an underoller complete with steel centre, or an underroller assembly complete with shaft, bearings, end caps etc. to suit your requirements.

For more information or a quotation please do not hesitate to contact us.

Underrollers made of Gesadur® DN

Reduce running noise, increase rotation speed

Underrollers made of moulded laminates or steel show a high degree of wear and tear. During a prolonged shutdoDN of a machine the rollers may break or become deformed. Loud running noise and vibrations develop - the machine works inefficiently!

With GESADUR® DN a memory effect starts working: When machines start up again after a prolonged shutdoDN, the underrollers go back to their original shape. This means that rollers made of GESADUR® DN do not flatten! GESADUR® DN allows you to increase the rotation speed of your machine and at the same time it reduces running noise.

Available in the following forms:

  • Rough-turned with a machining allowance on all sides, i.e. with a 2 mm tolerance on the outside diameter, internal diameter and width
  • Finished, with machining allowance on the outside diameter
  • Completely finished, with steel bush and/or steel shaft, outside diameter turned with a diamond, maximum concentricity precision 0.01 mm
  • Cut in the case of blanks, with or without machining allowance.

Maintenance & cleaning

Dusty working environments can lead to dirt particles becoming attached to the roller surfaces. This causes intermittent stress and overloading on the rollers, which may ultimately cause them to overheat. We recommend our roller cleaning device and roller cleaning agent GESACLEAN to keep rollers clean.

Gesaclean offers the following advantages

  • Cleaning the upper surfaces of support rollers
  • Anti-static surfaces for support rollers
  • Additional noise reduction

GESADUR® DN Underroller cleaning equipment


  • Tubular and rigid stranders
  • Drum Twisters


  • Support roller surfaces
  • Cleaning the upper surfaces of supporting rollers
  • Additional noise reduction

Special system features

  • GESACLEAN cleaning agent does not pollute the surrounding air
  • Each nozzle can be individually dosed
  • Each nozzle can be individually dosed


The entire roller cleaning device consists of one pump unit, a maximum of two distributors with a maximum of ten outlets each, and an air maintenance unit. This is fully mounted on a plate measuring about 400 x 600 mm. The appropriate number of spray jets is also included. A polyamide pipe (outside diameter 4 mm, internal diameter 2.7 mm) is needed to connect the distributing unit to the spray jet.

GESADUR Underrollers